Holmogorova Maria, was born in Moscow. I have graduated from “Serov Art School”, High School of Moscow Institute of Architecture and then obtained higher education in Moscow Institute of Architecture.

I’ve had over 10 years of experience as an architect which gave me a comprehension of geometry of things, and also formed the graphic language emphasizing the self-sufficiency of the world and the observer.

Now I work as a freelancer artist. I am an active member of the Creative Union of Professional Artists (CUPA) and also a student of IPMA (Institute of Problems of the Modern Art).

I’m focused on such important problems of the society as the search of internal spirituality, and the comprehension of self-identity. The other main goals of my art are the social inequality, instability, manipulating of mass consciousness. In my work I am currently investigating the theme of destruction in the context of creation and vice versa.

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